Daniel and Oana’s wedding in Guadalupe


14 de May de 2024

What a wonderful experience it was to witness the wedding of Daniel and Oana in the charming village of Guadalupe! From the moment they contacted us to be the photographers for their big day, we knew we were dealing with a special couple, full of joy and charm.

In the vast landscape of Extremadura, Spain, lies Guadalupe, a hidden treasure that captivates with its historic charm, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty. With its monumental monastery, honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this picturesque town attracts travelers from around the world for its centuries-old architecture, panoramic views, and cobblestone streets that take your breath away. (literally 😉 )

On May 4, 2024, Guadalupe became the epicenter of love and happiness, with friends and family coming from various parts of Spain: Madrid, Alicante, and even from Puerto Rico. Daniel and Oana exchanged vows in a ceremony that will resonate in the hearts of all attendees. From the radiant smiles of the newlyweds to the warm company of family and friends, every moment radiated love and authenticity.

As the privileged photographer of this special day, I had the honor of capturing the essence of the celebration. Through my lens, I immortalized moments of complicity, contagious laughter, and sincere hugs that painted the portrait of true and lasting love.

The celebration took place at the impressiveBodegas Ruiz Torres de Cañamero, a place that combines winemaking tradition with contemporary elegance With its rustic charm and welcoming atmosphere, these wineries provided the perfect setting for an unforgettable celebration.

El Catering El Palacio delighted guests with an exceptional culinary experience, offering exquisite dishes that enhanced the beauty of the surroundings and added a touch of sophistication to the celebration. From impeccable presentation to attentive service, every detail contributed to creating a memorable gastronomic experience.

In summary, the wedding of May 4, 2024, in Guadalupe was much more than an event; it was a testament to the love, joy, and beauty that characterize this charming corner of Extremadura. As a privileged witness of this celebration, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture its essence and share it with you all.


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